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Our Mission

To make a difference in a modern, changing world by linking its comprehensive learning resources, technology tutoring programs, and professional development services with the continuing academic needs and professional education requirements of all its clients.

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Our Team

PGEM is made up of a diverse pool of international educators, management consultants, education managers and academic experts that pursues integrity in our actions, sincere responsiveness to all clients, and excellence in our work.

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Our Vision

To be the world’s preeminent educational consultancy, leading students towards their highest academic potential and empowering teachers and schools with globally-competitive skills, aligned directly to industry needs and expectations.

Our History

In 2010, Paradigm Global Education & Management Co. Limited (PGEM) was established to promote academic assistance, and attainment of educational goals by providing university counseling services and various study programmes to students.

In 2012, educator Anthony Bernardo founded Teachers-to-GO! (TTG) – an online education platform designed to provide academic support to students studying IB MYP, IB DP, A-Levels, AP, IGCSE, HK DSE and Language Learning.

Teachers-to-GO! (TTG) is at the forefront of online education, utilizing the power of digital technology to cater to the needs, not only of students but of teachers and professionals as well. Teachers-to-GO! (TTG) has expanded to include other educational services.

Today, PGEM through its online education platform Teachers-to-GO!, provides various educational services for all stakeholders in education: students, parents, working professionals and teachers, administrators, schools, and relevant organizations.

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Our Services

Academic Support

LIVE! 1-on-1 Tutoring
Students and teachers work together in a virtual classroom equipped with interactive video call, whiteboard and chat. Expert teachers in their respective fields provide hour-long tutoring sessions for a wide range of subjects and topics.

Language Learning using LIVE! 1-on-1 Tutoring

An effective, self-paced language learning courses in a LIVE one-on-one online setting to bring out the fluent and confident language speaker in you.

Homework HELP!

Teachers provide a comprehensive feedback about the students’ academic assignments, including Extended Essay, Personal Statement, College Essay, Personal Project and all types of essays.

Online Test Prep
(SAT and ACT)

With the help from TTG’s training partner TestRocker, students all over the world can access the online SAT/ACT training which includes a customized study plan, practice quizzes, questions with video explanation and more.

University Counseling

Students can determine the right academic course and institution depending on their needs, skill set and abilities. It covers University Planning, Admission Preparation and Follow up.

IBDP Online Preparation Course (July and August)

This unique, live online course provides IB students with in-depth preparation by an experienced and expert teacher for the prestigious two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). It is usually offered during the summer break.

Online Academy

It is an integrated platform where schools, universities and colleges, review centers, and learning service providers can maximize the use of Teachers-to-GO! e-teaching tools such as LIVE! 1-on-1 tutoring and Homework HELP!

Teacher and Administrators Placement Services

The recently launched TTG-TAPS was established to provide an effective way to recruit teachers for schools who are in need of quality professionals in education. TTG-TAPS uses technology to promote its teachers to all schools.

Advisory Services and Professional Development

Setting up and Managing Schools, TTG has an excellent advisory and professional team of trainers, business entrepreneurs, education managers, heads of school, curriculum developers, and academic experts that can guide and provide training and professional development to schools and organizations.

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